Frequently Asked Questions

All About Quality Pacer Movers

Can I just hire Quality Pacer Movers to drive my rental truck for me?
No. We do not offer a "driver only" service, and our insurance prohibits us from allowing our professional movers or helpers to drive a customer’s rental truck.

What moving supplies do I need to provide?
We recommend you have rope or twine for the movers or helpers to use to tie down your items in your truck. You may also want to have self-adhesive wrap or commercial shrink wrap for the crew to use. If you have chosen to use one of our helper crews, you will also need to provide your own dolly unless you request a ProMover and they should provide their own dolly.

Can the crews help me pack or unpack?
Most of our customers choose to save money by packing their belongings themselves, however our professional movers are more than happy to pack or unpack your belongings for you. None of our crews bring packing supplies with them.

What if I have to cancel or postpone my move?
If you need to cancel your move, we need at least 72 hours notice in order to be able to fully refund your deposit. If you need to postpone or change the date or time of your move, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible - at a minimum three (3) hours before your move is set to begin, and we'll work hard to accommodate any changes free of charge.

 Are helpers licensed?
A special license isn't required for lifting things in and out of a truck or storage container. However, some service providers choose to list other licenses they carry (like business licenses, full-service mover licenses, etc) as a way to attract more customers and legitimize their listing.

Are helpers insured?
When it comes to insuring your goods, there is complimentary mover's insurance available when you place your order through Quality Pacer Movers which covers $.60/lb. If you believe the basic is not enough to cover your items, Full Value coverage is available for purchase from Rates start at $12 per $1000 in coverage.

Does the crew take breaks during the time they are scheduled for?
They might take a quick water or restroom break and for longer jobs, they could need to take a lunch break. But they should only charge you for the hours they spend working. Make sure to discuss your helper's exact policy on breaks with them prior to your move

Are helpers background checked?
When selecting a mover for a position at Quality Pacer Movers, background check is our prime consideration before moving past the pre-employment step in joining our team of moving labor help.

Can I set my own start time?
After selecting your serviice, you'll be able to select your preferred start time before you finish booking. Arrival times are in 1 hour windows and the clock doesn't start until they arrive.

When do I get charged?
A $50 Reservation applies at time of booking to confirm you have the means to pay for our service via credit card. If you are booking a last minute job (the job is today or tomorrow) you'll be charged immediately upon booking.

Can I get a receipt for the job?
Of course! You'll be emailed a receipt at the end of the job.

Should I tip my helper? How much?
Did they do a great job? Though it's not required, many people do tip. The typical amount is around $10-$20 a worker, depending on the size of the job.

What if my moving labor helper is running late?
By the time your job date rolls around, you will have already spoken to a moving labor coordinator. So, give us a call first. Keep in mind we have an hour window to arrive.