This moving guide will help you choose the right number of movers and estimate the length of time it will take to complete.

*Note: If you do not need moving help for your entire move, you can schedule for the minimum time (2 hour min).

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Additional facts to know that contributes to the length of time for moving help

Each and every move is unique and your move could take more or less time than we estimate. Ultimately, there are many variables that contribute to how long you move takes. 

Elevator, Long Carry and Stairs: In a perfect scenario your truck or container would be just a few feet from your home. Unfortunately, we are not given perfect scenarios and it's usually much more complicated than that. When the movers have to climb stairs, use an elevator or walk a long distance it can substantially increase the time it takes to complete your move.

Packing, Assembly and Disassembly: Our time guide are based on the assumption that your items are already packed and there is minimal assembly/disassembly required. Your moving help can absolutely provide these services for you, however, it will impact your move completion time.

Drive Time: Travel time to and from your location is included in your rate and the movers won't begin billing until they arrive. However, if you've booked a single moving crew to both load and unload on the same day, then the drive time between your origin and destination is billable time.