How Does Quality Pacer Movers Protect You.

Personal Information
  • We never share your billing information with anyone and that is final.
  • We never share your contact information with any other businesses or organizations other than the service providers you book using Quality Pacer Movers. We don't sell our customer lists or email addresses.
Fraud Protection
  • Your credit card information is never stored on our own servers or even in our own database. It is kept only by our payment processor in accordance with US commerce laws.
  • Internally, our system is constantly being monitored for suspected fraud. We use many different methods for detecting both potential fraud and actions that even hint at such activity like your own bank probably does.
Reputable Moving Labor Service
  • Customer reviews.* The best way to get to know your potential moving company is to read reviews from their previous customers.
  • Additionally, we have a strict ongoing filtering process and Service Provider Account Policy for all of our movers and service providers. Un-reliable or disreputable mover or service provider gets booted from the Quality Pacer Movers, no exceptions.
  • We do not receive full payment until the job is complete.